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Water leaks can cause huge damage to a property if they’re not sorted out quickly. We use the newest technology to help you minimise the damage and fix your water leaks without having to dig up everywhere, no lifting up of floorboards, digging up metre of paving, etc. We can find the exact location of the leak and then dig up a small area only to fix it. Whether you have a leak in the water mains, central heating system, cold pipes or filtration systems, give us a call to find it and repair it for you.

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Water leaks in your business or home can lead to rapidly escalating costs if unattended. We are experts at finding the exact location of water leaks and we aim to repair it on the same day wherever possible. Our advanced leak detection equipment could save you thousands and we can repair your water leak with minimal disruption or excavations.

Thermal imaging is mostly used to find leaks in heating pipes but are also used to detect water issues or the pipe layout within a building. These cameras can detect very small leaks which would be invisible to the naked eye and save having to excavate large areas to find the leak.

Fire hydrants need to be tested annually and we have fully trained technicians to provide this service. It is one of the conditions of insurance policies so don’t get caught out. We assess the condition of each fire hydrant and we record our findings in accordance with the  BS:9990 criteria.

We use the latest technology to find underground pipes and cables. This is done by sending pulses down the line and then using acoustic microphones to find the leak so we can repair them for you.

Water audits are a good way to find mistakes in records and meters, and assess how bad the leaks are. Call us for a full water audit.

Our surveying will assess where to fit meter boundary boxes by using stop tap finders and to find stop taps which may be buried. Customers’ details are logged onto maps.

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